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They are purchased at Ultra Rare quality but can be upgraded like standard consoles. Purchasing the T5U upgrade for a ship will provide a discount to fleet modules and allows you to automatically upgrade to T5U your fleet ship ifwhen you get it.

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You also need to be in a fleet that has a sufficiently advanced starbase for the ship and that fleet.

Sto How To Get Fleet Ship Modules. The Maquis Raider is a Tier 6 Raider which may be flown by characters of any faction. Alongside the excel documents I mad. See the Fleet Ship Module made for a list of these ships.

If you own the Guardian Cruiser T6 and want to purchase the Fleet Guardian Cruiser T6 it will cost 1 fleet module otherwise if you do not own the non-fleet version it will cost 5 fleet modules. I have 13 chars ready to turn in contraband which should get me a nice stockpile of around 624000 dil. Fleet Ship Modules are a type of voucher in-game currency required to purchase certain Fleet Ships from any Ship Vendor.

The easiest way to get 5 modules for a good T6 fleet ship is just grinding them reputations from PvE pugs. Link to the forum post. Please subscribe like and share.

Fleet starships arent easily searchable on the STO Wiki so figuring out what is where can be confusing. Star Trek Online Volunteer Community Moderator. This discount reduces the number of Fleet Ship Modules you will need to ONE.

The Kelvin ships go for 60-70 mill each. As you level up this ship gains additional hull weapon slots and console slots. The Fleet Spire is a fleet holding located in the Solanae Dyson Sphere and it provides similar amenities as the Fleet Starbase including mail exchange and bank terminals.

Link to the C-Store. Tier 6 Fleet ships cost 5 fleet modules if you do not own the non-fleet Tier 6 version of the ship and 1 fleet module if you do. Yes 500 Zen or around 13-18 million EC.

The modules can be bought in the Zen Store for 500 individually or for 2000 for a pack of 5 or sometimes available on the Exchange. Advanced Tactical Vulnerability Consoles increase a players damage like standard Tactical Consoles but also either increase Critical Hit chance or. These modules are required to purchase certain Fleet Ships in both the Klingon Empire and Starfleet factions.

By PWE_BranFlakes Fri 20 Jul 2012 033530 PM PDT. Lets try to reach 1000 subscribersSubscribe here. This starship can be used from any level upon completion of the tutorial experience.

You also need to be in a fleet that has. You can have a Fleet T5U Starship gaining both upgrades. If a ship has a corresponding Fleet version available the T5-U upgrade will also apply to the fleet version.

Fleet Ships are not one-time buys. Some people think of the fleet ships as a free T6 and they can be later in the games lifespan but right now they really arent. Purchase a Fleet Ship Module Bundle from the in-game C-Store today for 2000 ZEN.

1 You get a discount if you already own the Zen-store variant of the same ship-type. Or hell buy 3 fleet modules 15 and sell them for the EC for one. Fleet Tactical Consoles are Tactical Consoles with special secondary effects that are available for requisition through the Fleet Spire and Fleet Colony World.

Star Trek Online guide with commentary on how to purchase a T6 Fleet Avenger. For a fleet ship module every rep that youve hit tier 6 on the claim free ship module is in the projects list where youd find rep gear ect to queue up. 2 The Zen-store ships.

Two things to note regarding Fleet ships. Fleet Ship Module Available. You get 1 fleet ship module per Reputation you max at lvl 6.

You mean fleet ship modules. Aug 16 2019 928pm. Its a looooong grind if you havent already been actively working them.

Also each run of the voth bz should be about 15k dil including the dailies. In a few days I get enough Fleet Ship Modules to get myself a nice T6 Fleet ship and wanted to ask you for advice on which ships to spend it. Fleet New Orleans.

When you reach level 5 or maybe its level 6 in a reputation it unlocks a fleet module for you. A single module is also rewarded for 100 marks every time a character reaches tier 6 in any Reputation. If you want a T6 you should buy one from the C-store.

It can be reached by flying due north from the Dyson Sphere Joint Command ie the starting point of the starting zone when you enter the Solanae Dyson Sphere until you pass the border of the map. You mean fleet ship modules. - Huge Fan of the New Orleans - Experimental Weapon - Good Bridge Officer Set up.

Its a one-time thing for each rep so there are a total of 13 to be had that way. For 100 million you could buy a T6 lockbox ship and get a console and trait. The video shows what the requirements are to buy a fleet ship and walks through.

Click on the logo below to learn more about it. Players can obtain this starship from the Lobi Crystal Consortium for 900. Enough slots or markers so that you can get the ship though that is your smalles problem advanced fleets generally have enough allowances for ships Edit.

The list of ships eligible for a Fleet Ship Module discount is the same as those for which the Starship Upgrade Requisitions will apply to both versions. Light Cruisers Star. Yes 500 Zen or around 13-18 million EC.

Yeah as Vellari says usually 4-5 modules unless you own the Zen store ship. Community Moderators are Unpaid Volunteers and NOT Employees of PWECryptic. - 5 Fore and 2 Aft Weapons - Hangar Ship - Good Bridge Officer Set up.

Advance your journey of rebuilding the Romulan legacy with a Legacy Pack purchase. The boxed ship is not bound and so may be traded to other players. Fleet Ship Modules are available in the C-Store.

Click here to learn more about Legacy of Romulus our free-to-play expansion for Star Trek Online. The one that has the identical name except the word Fleet. At the current rate of 235 dil per zen thats enough for 5 fleet ship modules right there.

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