Nier Automata How To Get Type 40 Sword

NieRAutomata All Discussions. Its power increases with its charge Where to FindLocation Route A Reward for the Find a Present sidequest.

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Weapons in NieR.

Nier Automata How To Get Type 40 Sword. The quest is triggered in chapter 7. The quest can only be done in route A. I understand if you collect 200 medals you can exchange them for a Mock type-40 weapon.

Type-40 Sword - reward for the Find A Present sidequest lron Pipe - yo can fish it up in the sewers that lead to the Amusement Park Type-3 Sword - Devola and Popola shop Phoenix Dagger - chest in the area below the bridge that leads to the shopping mall Machine Sword - buy in Pascals village Machine Axe - buy in Pascals village. Type-40 Sword is a Small Sword in NieR. Energy Charge Increases damage while standby Route A Reward for Side Quest Find a Present.

I missed it first run as well and went back. My question is does this mean I will get the weapon AND Divergent Scanner 9S in this example. Automata on the PlayStation 4 a GameFAQs message board topic titled aside from type 40 sword what other weapons are missable.

Unless you get the DLC beat the hardest battle in the game and get an item that resets your level to 1. If playback doesn. Type-40 Sword Information The latest YoRHa model An advanced blade issued to elite YoRHa on the front lines.

Nov 3 416am No sadly. Automata-Type 40 BladeSword Weapon Location Watch later. I missed the quest to get the Type-40 Sword.

Automata-Type 40 BladeSword Weapon Location - YouTube. It is part of a set along with the Type-4O Blade Lance and Fists. Endurance Up Increase DEF.

Youll have to get it via chapter select after finishing route C. Automata event going on. - Captain Jack Sparrow.

You can go back and get it then as well as everything else in the game except ending Y that is the only thing in the game thats truly missable. On the description in parenthesis it will show you for example wDivergent Scanner at the end. There are a total of 40 weapons across all categories.

Similac 2 years ago 1. Question about the Nier. Do some side-quests and you will get Type-4O Sword and Type-4O blade which deal increased damage after not being used for a while.

If it is your first time playing I suggest you keep Virtuous Treaty and Virtuous Contract 2Bs default weapons and call it a day. For 2B and A2 each set is made up of 2 weapons. Type-40 Blade is a Large Sword in NieR.

130 - 220. Type-3 weapons are also interesting as they add a nice finishing blast. They are broken down into 4 types - Small Swords Large Swords Spears and Combat Bracers.

I looked up on the wiki n it said that it cld be only be obtain in route A by a quest so isit possible to obtain the Type 40 sword while playin as A2. Endurance Up Increases DEF Steel Spine Enhances stagger resistance Route ABC In the Flooded City on the rubble bridge with the second bus it is located on a small collapsed. Type-4O Blade Information The latest YoRHa model An advanced YoRHa weapon designed to defeat giant machine lifeforms.

Players can wield 2 sets of weapons at a time. Automata-Type-40 Sword 20-Weapon Location Guide Watch later. Its power increases with its charge Where to FindLocation.

Automata are shown below. Type-40 Sword Possible Spoilers Chapter select is unlocked after third playthrough. D and E arent really routes just different endings of route C.

Showing 1-4 of 4 comments. What a man can do and what a man cant do. Stun up makes it easier to stagger enemies when you hit them.

Automata-Type-40 Sword 20-Weapon Location Guide - YouTube. The only rules that really matter are these. Received as a reward from Operator 6O at the end of the Find a Present sidequest exclusive to 2B.

Reward for completing Data Analysis Freak 2. Type-4O Sword is a weapon in NieRAutomata. Stun Up makes it easier to stagger enemies when you hit them.

Showing you guys how to get the Yorha type-40 high model sword and Bomb pod program weapon.

Nier Automata Type 40 Sword Nier Automata Automata Female Fighter

Nier Automata Type 40 Sword In 2021 Nier Automata Automata Sword

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