Darksiders How To Get The Chest In Drowned Pass

The chest marked on the map is just a. Darksiders Drowned Pass Chest Bug.

Darksiders Drowned Pass Chest Bug Youtube

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Darksiders How To Get The Chest In Drowned Pass. Posted January 2 2010. After traversing through the main area of the Gallow heading towards the giant fan area and take a left as soon as you get in the tunnel. If anyone knows how to get to this chest I beg you to let me know.

Its just to the west of the two buildings. Darkness Falls you are wrong there is an Armageddon Shard as well as a chest piece which are on the same building. Swim to the surface and circle the same building to find a Chest Drowned Pass 36 with 250 Souls in it.

Chests are container-like objects that contain Collectibles or Souls. SmartReputation repara tu reputación. I dont know if the Drowned Pass one is a glitch or not Im assuming glitch as its right where a chest was but it doesnt contain anything you need for trophies.

At one end of the tunnel before the fan you should see a void portal - set. The Crossroads chest and the Choking Grounds chests are merely hidden and are completely separate to. The other one I know of is the Choking Grounds where you destroy all.

The same exact spot that I remember there being an indicator for a chest during my normal play-through while using the Furys Embrace attachment to find all my missing collectibles. Like the break all hydrants in the first area in Drowned pass right next to the anvil with the. In the Drowned Pass look directly across the way from the Vulgrim location.

Darksiders Drowned Pass Chest Bug - YouTube. 14 Broken Stair Twilight. Chests are not normally visible on the map however when one has the Hoardseeker or Furys Embrace augmenting a weapon they become shown.

F√°cilmenteSmart Reputation Promo 4. Videos you watch may be added to the TVs watch history and influence TV recommendations. Without performing those actions these Chests.

Armageddon Blade - The Drowned Pass - YouTube. If playback doesnt begin shortly try restarting your device. Wrath of War is set in a Post-Apocalyptic demon-ravaged world where evil forces have prematurely brought about the.

There are three Secret Chests that require specific actions for them to appear and become accessible. Even though it will still show up on the map when you go looking for it later. Youre not missing out on a fragment of anything.

I also noticed a chest that probably needs to be triggered by some special interaction. Now look for a submerged crystal switch nearby. Ive just got to Anvils Ford and found Vulgrim there but not on Drowned Pass.

You get the crossroads one by destroying all the fire hydrants. Drowned Pass is a location featured in Darksiders. They are opened by using action button.

You need the hookshot to get the artifact and the void portal to get the chest. Enter the area from the Scalding Gallow. Armageddon Blade piece but have no idea what can trigger this chest.

There is a chest on the map in the northern house in the lake which is not there. Along the left hand side top level when you first enter. Is there a Vulgrim location on Drowed Pass.

Run upstream and youll find the chest containing the Shard under the stairs. Its not a secret chest. While doing my Apocalyptic Mode play-through I noticed the location of a soul chest on the floor directly under the Anvil in the broken down building.

You see earlier in the game when you first reach the drowned pass there is a chest in the adjacent building which upon being opened provides 250 Souls. 4 Scalding Gallow Drowned Pass Access Tunnel. You can use the Abyssal Chain to cross to a chest with a Lifestone Shard inside.

Presumably this is a caused by a mistake when the map was created in which they added two chests to the map while only one chest was created in the game. Get ready for car throwing in this Shadow Arena Challenge in the Drowned Pass on the Xbox 360 game Darksiders. In the Drowned Pass look directly across the way from the Vulgrim location.

Drowned Pass Drowned Pass Map. You can use the Abyssal Chain to cross to a Chest LS13 Drowned Pass Chest 66 with a Lifestone Shard Lifestone Shard 1314 inside. Here is a picture of the map which also shows all of the markers.

For World of Pain you must kill 15 enemies using environmental weapon attacks within the. The only other thing of note in the Drowned Pass is a Wicked K appearance in the southeast. The one in drowned pass is a missable chest if you miss it the first time your there it dissapears.

Path To Drowned Pass - YouTube. You need to enter the Shadow Realm and defeat four portals to free Vulgrim. For Darksiders on the Xbox 360 a GameFAQs message board topic titled How to get to Drowned Pass.

Drowned Pass Darksiders Wiki Guide Ign

Drowned Pass Darksiders Wiki Guide Ign

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